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My mind today!!


I’ve been looking at this page on Facebook called Free Forever Friends, I get that they want to find good homes for these animals, but to keep them as long as they have and then turn around and say if someone doesn’t get them soon they will be taken to the pound really irks me. I have my fair share of animals, but i wouldn’t dare take one to the pound. For the simple fact if they aren’t adopted in a certain amount of time, they are put down. That to me is just inhumane. Please love your animals as you would you own children. Thank you and God Bless.




Today in the life of me. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for a child to lay down and close their eyes and drift off to dream land. I tell my children at least 10 times to stop playing and go to sleep. I suppose they don’t get enough play time during the day. It’s almost two hours pasted their bed time and all I hear i hah haha. I’m sure as a child I did the same thing as they are doing now. I suppose I understand the whole thing about seeing how much mommy will take before the night light goes away. Lets just see how much longer it will take before their little angels eyes close, then its time to hit the books for mommy. Yay good ol’ home work. Catch ya later and God Bless.

Today in my mind.


I was driving home today after a glorious day at school(running around in the rain), when a car passed me doing at least 90. I understand if someone is running late for something or if there is an emergency, to speed a little. I admit I do it often. Not to fast tho( if a cop is reading). But if its pouring outside and the roads are already hazardous for everyone, be polite and don’t ride on somebodies tail. And ladies and gentleman I know that in the olden days there were no such thing as car seats or seat belts in some, but now a days there are, and I one more child jumping around, surfing in the USA then i will follow you and demonstrate how to properly use a seat belt. We shall call it seat belt 101. Thank you very much and God Bless…..

Tell me?


Can anyone tell me the reason behind college students and their dressing styles. Some girls wear ridicules clothing. Please tell me is running around in high heels comfortable all day long. And who are you dressing up for. Most professors will not give you a better grade for how revealing your attire is. So put some clothes on girls, and boys for goodness sakes pull your pants up. I for one don’t want to see your undergarments. So you know it looks trashy and very, very nasty. And on a last note if you’re not injured or in a wheel chair, use the darn stairs , laziness will get you no where. Thank you and God bless.

my mind


Blogging is a new world for me this year. Of course I’ve heard of it before, but never blogged on anything myself. Finding topics to blog about may be a little challenging to some, so I’m just going to copy down thoughts in my head as the time comes. Some may say that there is a scary thought, but I promise it won’t be all to bad. So untill next time blogger world. Over and out….