The media ( rather its movies, news or so on) have some form of impact on lives in our countries today. A big issue in some areas of media and the output of it, is racial thoughts and how that has changed over the centuries. In the 1900’s  when movies were new, African Americans weren’t allowed to participate in films. As if they thought some people weren’t as good. Even today media has a way of downgrading other races(may it be white, black or so on) by posing them in certain ways. Some people believe that just because your white and u live out in the country, your a tooth less hillbilly that Loves your kin. Not true at all yuk. I for one am a redneck hick ( as I’ve been told) yet I’m not completely white. I am of mixed races, tho i do not classify my self as one. God made us all to love one another, as I’ve heard we all bleed red, we all cry tears, and we are all the same color in the dark. Don’t believe all the stereo types you hear of, base some one on their own personality and not their color. God bless.


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