I am not quite sure of the feelings I have for the same situation as someone else. Is it because there is no same feeling as someone else in the same situation with another. Or in that case what is the outcome of what they expect it to be. Should I ask for another’s help that has been through this kind of involvement before or should I just sit and think of it for a while. In that case what would it solve. A whole lot of nothing in my own perspective. I do not know how to go about any of the things going to happen in future and I have to live for today and not in the past. At times that may very  hard for anyone to do. I must have faith that all in all everything will turn out the way it is supposed to in Gods view. And I pray that I can change the things I am capable of changing. God bless you all in your own troubles and travels to-day and the ones you may have.


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