Extra Credit


In nineteen twenty-three a group of journalists formed an association called the American Society of Newspaper Editors and adopted a code they called the Canons of journalism. It consists of seven Canons that journalists still follow today. In most cases that is! I know there are some articles that I have read that I did not feel that they follow the Canons to correct standers of how a journalist should. I feel as if sometimes they go to extreme to get a story. In some cases they go way to far. I have heard of the individuals going as far as hiding in ones yard or following them for miles just to see what they are up to at that moment in time. Like everyone needs to know when a certain celebrity went to the restroom. Or who is involved in a relationship with who. I understand they have to make money and if there is no story there is no money. But to endanger the welfare of another in your attempt to get that story is irresponsible. Being Responsible is number one on the list ladies and gentlemen. Though everyone is free to write about what they want, they should have some respect for the ones they are writing about. Not everyone wants their personal lives out there on display for everyone to read about and to criticize on. Though it may be quite entertaining, like this guy was seen with that girl while married to this girl, some things should be kept between the parties involved. Everyone should consider fair play as they write about things that they are not totally sure of. Maybe by getting comments from ones that are close to the persons that the story is about. Because what one believes is going on, may it be someone cheating or an athlete on steroids, does not mean that just because that particular journalist is writing on that topic ” its true.” They should have the decency to write the facts and or if any correct the mistakes. In some cases today I have heard of people suing journalists for false details that may make them look bad in the public view. Cause face it today most of us believe everything that is in the papers. Maybe in ways we should not, in some cases we need to pay more attention to. Like an earthquake around the state or town you or your love ones live in, the ones their loved ones live in and so on and so on. Mostly, and im sad to say, that we mostly are concerned that joe cheated on beth with a man and he just came out of the closet. And that one girl out there that said one day im going to marry that man joe that is the star on her favorite show, is going around screaming”NO NO NO” that just can not be true in any way at all. It may just be possible that Joe did not want any one to know that yet. And just then his parents found out and screaming at him that they had to find out about it in the paper with pictures that the one behind the camara got while hiding in a tree ten feet off his private property. Is that in any way a person should find out about something so personal? I believe not and maybe some people out there believe the same. I would prefer to read about what school districts are doing to better the schools teaching and educational needs that our young ones need to carry our country back to the main points it was founded on. Or even how the disabled and elderly men and women can receive better health care or finance aid. Many elderly people today do not get the amount of care that they should or even the right amount of help they need to survive in today’s world. And then again that there is Freedom of the press. As I sit here writing this blog I remember I have the right by the First Amendment to write what ever it is I please. and though it may not get me an A in Mass Communication class I am still writing to what I believe to my self to be real in the world. And if I offend someone in any way let me apologize for it now rather than later.  Even though to be a good journalists I must keep my opinions out of the mix. Well then it is a good thing that is not my major the year. I tend to speak my mind more when writing it all down rather than to someones face. As people I am close to have told me time and time again that I am way to soft-hearted in every way. I have to disagree with it, most of the time I do not want others mad at me but when it comes to it, if you make me mad enough I will tell you how it is. I suppose that even out of the papers our lives should be focused on these seven Canons of Journalism in some ways. Mostly Sincerity, truthfulness, and accuracy. I think that might be my favorite one of all of the Canons. Most stories I read may have some truthfulness to it but not in all of it. Maybe the first and last sentence of the story. In the middle could be just a bunch of words all thrown into there. But that is where te reader gives the benefit of the doubt into play. Maybe that journalists still has heart in the stories he or she writes. I suppose we can all just pray that they have sincerity about what the publish and are responsible of any and all mistakes made on the topic. Thank you all for reading and not running away! Have a good night or day, which ever it may be. God bless you all in your travels today, tomorrow and always.


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